Social Media

Delete your accounts sometimes

Every few years, just wipe it all and start over. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, wherever you have one. It’s so easy to start thinking that the digital traces you leave of yourself ARE yourself, and before you know it all that stuff online grows into a carapace and one day you wake up to find yourself transformed in your bed into a monstrous vermin. Once in a while you’ve got to molt. Start fresh. The more terrifying this sounds to you, the more urgent it is. You are not the stuff you’ve posted. If you erase it, you’ll still exist. Give yourself the freedom to grow into someone new again.

Rusty Foster

Twitter’s First Law of Tweeting

Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Twitter’s First Law of Tweeting states that for every tweet there’s an unequal and opposite overreaction.

Jason Fried

An enormous rant about writing on the web

Ein wunderbarer Text über Newsletter, Apps und das freie Internet:

„The problem with the web is that when you publish something it just sort of disappears from sight. Writers have to spam all the social networks to remind people that they even exist. (…) All I know is that the web today is not made for us. It’s no longer made for people to send charming bits of texts to strangers. (…) Instead, I see the web as this public good that’s been hijacked by companies trying to sell us mostly heartless junk. (…) The web today is built for apps — and I think we need to take it back.“

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