The Future of News


Kollege Baekdal über aktuelle PEW-Zahlen zur Zirkulation von Zeitungen und zur Frage, was die seit Jahren sinkenden Auflagen für die Zukunft des Journalismus bedeuten:

So, what does this all mean for the future? Well, there are three things that are happening in terms of future trends.

  • The first thing is that this will likely cause even more atomization of future news media, where a larger and larger part of the paid-for media landscape is likely going to much smaller and more specific niche verticals. Instead of people paying for a mass-market generalized newspaper, we are likely to see people spending money on much smaller channels that are tailored towards specific interests or needs. This model, however, doesn’t work for generalized news. So that’s a problem.
  • Secondly, we are seeing an interesting trend in terms of curation, where people are seperating how they consume news depending on how personally relevant it is. Instead of getting a lot of stories about daily news topics, we see more and more who are redefining news as very efficient short-form moments. If this pattern takes hold, today’s economic model of news production will be seriously disrupted. Think about how a news site like Axios is covering stories compared to how they are doing it at The New York Times.
  • Finally, a big unanswered problem for the future is the trend that we are losing a ‚common frame of reference‘. This was what the newspapers of the past gave us. They provided people with a general common frame of reference, so whenever a topic arose people would have a shared understanding of it.

Quelle: Baekdal